Twerkshops are platforms held by Fannie Sosa where Black and brown people meet to share strategies for self-care and community-building, as well as exchanging knowledge about our ungrabbable asset: an activated, pleasurable, unapologetic ass.  Participants are encouraged to engage in a reparative moment with themselves and the group, creating levels of trust and solidarity as conscious tools to better be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together.

Twerkshops are free of charge and held in non-mixity. They are able to be iterated within the framework of a reparative economical relationship with the institution welcoming them.  Free food and child care is also provided by the institution.

Pleasure Is Power

Pleasure Is Power is a workshop aimed at educators, activists, artists and community builders who are interested in centering pleasure in their practice.

Pleasurably obtaining, creating and redistributing knowledge is at the core of an intersectional understanding of how power, pleasure and pain interact when producing knowledge.  Pleasurably acking femme-hood, womxnity and Blackness is one of the strategies Fannie Sosa works to defend in the making of liberatory practices, theories and economies.

Tabú Y Tu

Tabú y tu (Taboo and You) is a series of circular talks, knowledge shares and radically inclusive workshops about sexual autonomy, sexual well-being and oshunality for toddlers, children and teenagers.


Fannie Sosa’s collaborations in the arts, academia, and in social justice spaces leave a lasting impact. 

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