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“I've known Sosa for some years now and have learned, grown and questioned myself so much thanks to them. They have been a guiding light in most of my inner and outter discussions, constantly taking me to question, self-reflect, dismantle and understand my mechanisms. It's not only a privilege to support you but it's long overdue. Your knowledge, passion, love and light are a gift and all this is so beautifully condensed here. Your pleasurable videos, your hula hoop videos, Cosmic Ass, WIG, all of this shows the work of a deserving soul. I had the pleasure to see Black Power Naps in Madrid and was in awe of the beauty, thought process, music, colours, and work that was put into it. I am forever grateful to know you, to be able to access this platform and I hope more people understand the importance of your work. This is a VERY small price to pay for this beautifully curated work. Gracias!”

- Julia Durand

“I am so grateful for this platform, and for the work that is shared on here. How you keep things real and how you keep things playful. As a movement practitioner, aspiring choreographer, former anthropology student and a white womxn eager to acknowledge and deconstruct the toxicity and racism of most of the knowledge i've had access to so far, this space offers me a much needed reeducation! What i enjoy the most is how it's curated, the entanglement of academic research, personal experience and playful methodologies. Today I read again Audre Lorde’s essay Uses of the erotic, and i thought of how to me, in so many ways, your work embodies Lorde’s eroticism, as a deep creative and self-affirming love force through “Pleasure is Power”(if i may quote your words)! And how amazing to be gifted this powerful affirmation through someone who is a living, breathing, embodiment of this truth. I am deeply inspired by the sharp yet soft gaze analysis of Neolithic community structures ancestral wisdom in the article The Lost Garden of Eden. I am humbled by your posts Migrations Musings and Calling out a white woman on IG which offered me a space for understanding, questioning and self-reflection, and so grateful for the WIG! And for Cosmic ASS: it was my first encounter with your work, and for years now i frequently return to watch it, for it's intricate layers resonate each time deeper. Also grateful for the joy you bring into my world through sharing your movement practice, may it be twerk, hula hoop, pole... i'm in awe of the skills and the passion! To all of you out there, I’ve had the opportunity to gift myself a consultation with Sosa, and would highly recommend to anyone really! It gave me a much needed space to sit with the confusion, to detangle myself and raise my vibration thanks to Sosa’s incisive, joyful and practical assessment/advice. So proud to be part of Sosa’s Patreon community! So excited for what’s to come!”

- Juliette Mello

“It is a great privilege to be able to support your brilliant work in an accessible way according to my fluctuating situations. Your posts give me great relief sometimes when I need it most. In a context where understanding of these topics is very hard to come by, this platform can be a life boat. The quality of content and kind, honest formats are of great value to navigate the pressures and biased curriculum of dominant institutions. Thank you for shining your light”

-Ley Llama

“Sosa’s reflections, research, creativity and generous sharings are a gift that I am always blown away by. Thank you Sosa for consistently centering Black, Indigenous, migrant, trans + dis/abled folx - the unlearning, relearning + growing is real + very much appreciated.

I met Sosa in 2015 and this where I was first introduced to Twerking via their Twerkshop. This changed my life. I became familiar with the powerful language of my own body + transported to a place where shame didn’t exist.

Sosa’s Patreon is a place of healing for me where I am compassionately encouraged to claim my intrinsic right to joy, pleasure and rest, for my healing, my mother's healing, her mother's healing + so on.  

I am so grateful for this portal. xxx”


Mark Miller

Circuit Programme National Lead

Convenor: Young People’s Programmes

Tate Britain/Tate Modern
Fannie Sosa’s work for Tate Exchange at Tate Modern brought together interdisciplinary art practice, community healing and strengthening and activism. The project Melanate The Tate successfully introduced a new generation of young creatives, Tate Collectives, and wider audiences to a progressive application of contemporary art, utilising intellectual, artistic and spiritual framework to navigate the complexity of history, science, Blackness, sexual and gender identities.

Melanate The Tate was accomplished in collaboration with Navild Acosta and Tate Collective London, a multicultural group of young creatives, which created confidence in their voice, ownership of their narratives, and the ability to question and critique their own personal and communal contexts, that draws on afro-diasporic awareness, to challenge issues of representation and presence in our immediate and global location.  The range of art forms, such as spoken word, film, dance, soundscapes, and live performance demonstrated a political use of the white space and the Black body.  

The high production and artistic vision of Melanate The Tate had strong impact on both the young performers,  as well as wider audiences, who were able to contribute and participate directly with and through the work.  The topics and content of the work demonstrated an embedded holistic, decolonial and radical approach to art practice. Additionally, the use of space, and film work revealed the relevance and connection to the current social and political tensions that are present today.

Cooper Battersby

Associate Professor

Syracuse University
I was delighted to have Fannie Sosa come and present her incredible work at Syracuse University this spring 2017.  Her lecture was eye opening for many of the non POC students and affirming for the POC students. She attracted students from across the University—an audience of roughly 150 members of the campus community and the public at large attended her lecture, and another 10 came to the Twerkshop (attendance was capped, and many more people contacted me inquiring about the event).  

Sosa was a consummate professional.  She was clear about her needs and used the event as a teaching moment for everyone involved.  I feel transformed by my experience of working with her.  I am profoundly grateful for this and hope to have her return again. Fannie is an amazing person.

Navild Acosta

Award Winning Artist, Activist, and Educator

Dr. Fannie Sosa is an unparalleled scholar, Black feminist, and my muse! Her research and scholarship have informed my practice deeply. Her presence in the field has created waves of change that we all have benefited from. Sosa´s genius manifests in all her forte´s including movement education, fashion styling/consulting, pedagogy, theories, film, performance, music, etc.. and she seems to master a new subject regularly.  As a solutions based black high achieving femme she is a force to be revered and amplified.