The Rogue Pleasure Library is an online library compilated by Fannie Sosa as part of their doctoral research.

It serves as a digital collection of PDFs encompassing a diverse range of  resources, all revolving around the theme of pleasure as a somato-social tool for liberation. The library is not just a compilation of academic texts but also includes works of fiction, poetry, essays, and other forms of creative expression.

Fannie Sosa's curation of the Rogue Pleasure Library reflects their academic interests and commitment to exploring pleasure from interdisciplinary perspectives. The collection may include writings on topics such as sexuality, sensuality, embodiment, gender, desire, and intimacy, among others.. By bringing together texts from different cultural backgrounds, historical periods, and academic disciplines, the library encourages critical engagement and dialogue around the concept of pleasure.

Users of the Rogue Pleasure Library may find it to be a valuable resource for research, inspiration, and personal exploration. Whether someone is a scholar, artist, activist, or simply curious about the complexities of pleasure, they can find something of interest within its digital shelves.