The Somatics of Pleasure Workshop

Throughout the workshop series, participants can expect a supportive and inclusive environment where they can explore and deepen their understanding of their bodies. I will be available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer modifications to meet individual needs and goals.
By the end of the workshop series, participants can expect to have a greater awareness of their hip mobility, enhanced movement capabilities, and a sense of empowerment to continue their journey towards freedom in their bodies.

Building upon the foundational principles established in the introductory workshop "PLACER ES PODER vol. I: Wholeness is a Sacral Dance," our follow-up workshop, "PLACER ES PODER vol. II: Embracing Sensuality as Spirituality" delves deeper into the holy trinity: body, mind, and spirit, and how it is located in the sacral vortex.  "Embracing Sensuality as Spirituality" recognizes and integrates sensuality – the appreciation of physical experiences and pleasures – as an integral aspect of one's spiritual journey. It entails acknowledging that sensuality is not separate from spirituality but rather a pathway to deeper spiritual connection and understanding.

While "Wholeness is a Sacral Dance" laid the groundwork for understanding the interconnectedness of our physical and spiritual selves, "Embracing Sensuality as Spirituality" expands upon this journey by exploring the transformative power of sensuality when we can formulate it as the blueprint for our unique form of spirituality. 

Through a fusion of movement, meditation, theory, and creative expression, participants will continue to find the phrases of their own sacral dance, unlocking the profound wisdom and healing potential of the sacral realm. When we embrace sensuality as a sacred practice, we embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, transformation, and connection to the divine.

In the Placer es Poder workshop series, participants can expect a comprehensive and immersive experience designed to liberate their hips through a combination of theory, practical sessions, and personalized guidance. Here's what you can expect concretely:

1. Juicy Stretching and Softening

- Warm-Up Routine: Gentle movements to prepare the body and mind, focusing on breath and presence.

- Sensual Softening: Guided stretches with the aim of softening major muscle groups, encouraging participants to explore their range of motion while listening to their bodies' needs.  This technique focuses on increasing biotensegrity, enhancing the body’s sensations, and releasing tension stored in the muscles and fascia.

- Sensory Awareness: Emphasis on tuning into the sensations of each stretch and softening, promoting a mindful connection with the body.  The benefits include improved flexibility, reduced muscle tension, and a sense of physical liberation and relaxation.

2.  Tracing Radiant Circuits

Tracing radiant circuits is a practice rooted in energy medicine that involves following the pathways of the body's subtle energy systems. These circuits, also known as radiant circuits or energy pathways, are believed to promote vitality, emotional balance, and spiritual well-being.

   - Introduction to Radiant Circuits: Explanation of what radiant circuits are, their significance, and how they influence physical and emotional health.  
- Guided Tracing: Participants will be guided through movements and hand placements to trace these energy pathways, enhancing their flow and activation.

- Energy Awareness: Focus on sensing, directing, and sending energy, fostering a deeper connection with the body's energetic landscape.

3. Somatic Flossing

The third part of the workshop introduces "Somatic Flossing," a fascia release technique aimed at improving mobility and foregoing of tension by moving joints and tissues through their full range of motion. This practice enhances body awareness and promotes physical and energetic flow.
 - Introduction to Somatic Flossing:** Explanation of the concept, benefits, and importance of this technique.

- Guided Movements: Participants will perform specific movements designed to "floss" or gently stretch the connective tissues, improving joint health and overall mobility.

- Mindful Movement: Emphasis on slow, controlled movements that encourage participants to feel the intricate workings of their bodies.

4.  Sacral Dancing

- Combining the elements of juicy stretching, tracing radiant circuits, and somatic flossing  to continue the creation of each participants' very own sacral dance.

Juicy stretching prepares the body by releasing tension and enhancing flexibility, making every movement fluid and pleasurable. Tracing radiant circuits energizes and balances the body’s subtle energies, infusing the dance with vitality and emotional depth. Somatic flossing further enhances mobility and body awareness, allowing for a full expression of movement. Together, these practices not only deepen the connection between sensuality and spirituality but also empower participants to intuitively craft a sacral dance that is uniquely their own, reflecting their personal journey of self-discovery, embodiment, and holistic well-being.

The class will be recorded in english.  Transcripts in french and spanish will be available for 6 months after the live recording.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  - Is the workshop open for everyone?  Yes, everyone is welcome to participate. 

- Do I need prior experience in dance or spirituality to join?  No prior experience is required. The workshop is open to all levels, from beginners to experienced dancers. Each session is designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

- Do I need to have attended previous workshops in the series to participate? No, each workshop session is designed to stand alone. You can join at any point and will be welcomed and supported in your journey.

- What should I wear and bring to the online workshop?  Wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement. You also want to have a comfortable surface to lay and sit, two pillows, a journal, and a water bottle nearby. Ensure you have a quiet space where you can move freely and participate without distractions.

- How is the workshop conducted online? The workshop is conducted via a video conferencing platform. You will receive a link to join the session two days before the workshop.  I will guide you through the activities, and there will be opportunities for interaction and sharing with other participants.

- Can I participate if I have physical limitations or injuries?  Yes, modifications and alternative movements will be provided to accommodate different abilities and needs. Please inform me of any specific concerns at the start of the workshop.

- Will there be opportunities to interact with other participants?  Yes, the workshop includes  group discussions, and the Sacral Dance Circle on telegram to foster a sense of community and support among participants.

- What can I expect to take away from the workshop?  You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the connection between sensuality and spirituality, practical tools for integrating these practices into your daily life, and a unique sacral dance that reflects your personal journey. Additionally, you will experience enhanced flexibility, emotional fluidity, and a sense of pleasurable power and self-acceptance.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or need further information!