The Somatics of Pleasure Workshop

Throughout the workshop series, participants can expect a supportive and inclusive environment where they can explore and deepen their understanding of their bodies. I will be available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer modifications to meet individual needs and goals.
By the end of the workshop series, participants can expect to have a greater awareness of their hip mobility, enhanced movement capabilities, and a sense of empowerment to continue their journey towards freedom in their bodies.

“Wholeness is a Sacral Dance” encapsulates the idea that achieving a sense of completeness, integration and harmony within oneself is akin to engaging in a sacred dance with the energies of the sacral vortex.  It implies that as we explore and honor our emotions, creativity, and vitality, we move closer to a state of wholeness, holiness and wholesomeness.  Just as a dance involves fluidity, rythm, and expression, so too does the process of integrating all aspects of ourselves.  

In essence, the phrase conveys the idea that embracing our full selves, nurturing our creativity, and honoring our emotions are integral steps on the path to wholeness.  It invites us to engage in a sacred dance with life itself, celebrating the beauty and complexity of our existance as we journey towards inner harmony and completeness.

In the Placer es Poder workshop series, participants can expect a comprehensive and immersive experience designed to liberate their hips through a combination of theory, practical sessions, and personalized guidance. Here's what you can expect concretely:


1. Understanding Your Sacrum

    - Detailed exploration of hip anatomy, including the structure of the hip joint and surrounding musculature.
- Identification of common restrictions and imbalances that affect hip mobility.
- Techniques to assess your own hip mobility and identify areas for improvement.
      - Explanation of the connections between hip mobility and overall movement patterns in the body.

 2.  Techniques for Hip Liberation

    - Hands-on instruction in a variety of movement modalities such as gym ball, hoop, mobility drills, and myofascial release.
     - Practical sessions focused on releasing tension and restoring mobility in the hips.
     - Guidance on how to apply techniques tailored to individual needs and restrictions.
    - Opportunities for personalized feedback and adjustments to ensure proper form and effectiveness of movements.

3. Embodying Wholeness

- Dynamic movement sequences designed to integrate newfound hip mobility into full-body movement patterns.
- Exercises to explore movement potential and enhance proprioception and neuroception.
- Creative exploration to express freedom and fluidity in movement.
- Encouragement and support to cultivate confidence and empowerment in embodying liberated movement.

The class will be recorded in english.  Transcripts in french and spanish will be available for 6 months after the live recording.