Fannie Sosa is trained in physical theater and choreography.

Pleasure Against The Machine is a sound experiment and performance exploring how to break oppressive structures through healing bass. It uses the installation’s subwoofers, membranes, and vibrating floor, to make the belly space resonate, being relieved of tension.

As a dancer, choreographer or actor, Sosa have been part of I Still Believe (2013) written by Poussy Draama and Fannie Sosa, Fuck That Ass (2014) written by DJ Funk, , Sex Economics pt. 1 (2015) written by Fannie Sosa, The Ladies Almanack, written by Daviel Shy, Alien Talk Show, (2016), Clapback (2017), Discotropic (2017) written by niv Acosta.

Fannie Sosa is also a songwriter and has a band called “Fannie Sosa and The Sisterhoods”.


Fannie Sosa’s collaborations in the arts, academia, and in social justice spaces leave a lasting impact. 

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