Fannie Sosa is available to consult on a range of topics and needs pertaining to the arts, social justice, reproductive pain and pleasure, academic counseling, mediation, and equity. Consulting also includes “can I pick your brain” requests.

from €500

A White Institutions Guide For Welcoming Artists of Color and Their Audience is a non exhaustive compilation of ways white cultural institutions, public or privately funded, can, should and will have to redistribute their material and immaterial resources when welcoming Black folk and people of color as well as their audiences.
The WIG compiles a unique range of tools focused on how to sustainably work with artists of color. We have tailored options to meet your/your institution’s needs, or we can do a quick assessment for a short overview.  


Sliding Scale from €30 for 50 minutes

Skype sessions are also available for academic counseling.  Sosa’s main areas of expertise are pleasure as a somatic tool, anti colonial epistemologies, sex economic analysis centering the well being of Black and Indigenous queer femmes, and a genealogy of the gendered rigidification of children’s bodies, as well as some practical exercises to revert this.

Sliding Scale from €30 for 50 minutes

Sosa is a certified Stress Management for Health and Wellness somatic practitioner, specializing in menstrual health, postural assessment, and resilience-creating strategies.
They  have several self care tool kits that they can share with you during the consultation, as well as exclusive PDF’s and digital knowledge packages.


Fannie Sosa’s collaborations in the arts, academia, and in social justice spaces leave a lasting impact. 

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